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    Arrow The Planet | NEW Reseller Configuration Bundles | Low-Cost Servers | Free Upgrades

    The Planet continues to provide the best dedicated server hosting value in the industry: An industry-leading 130+ Gbps network, eight data centers, friendly customer support, and incredible deals!

    Preconfigured Reseller Hosting Servers
    The world of reseller hosting can be confusing, so we've put together our most popular reseller hosting configurations to help you streamline your business. These all-inclusive hosting solutions feature RAID1, a control panel, Alpha Monitoring & Security, Network Backup, and the support you know and love from The Planet.

    Whether you're a hosting newbie or an industry veteran, these configurations will help you streamline your offerings and provide consistent service at an incredible price.

    Check out our Hosting Reseller Configurations and get in touch with a sales rep to order the ones best fit for your business.

    Big Discounts on Dedicated Servers
    Check out our Dedicated Server Special Pricing starting at $69.

    To get an idea of what kinds of deals are available in this limited-time promotion, take a look at these featured server configurations:

    Dual Xeon 2.8 - SCSI
    2048MB RAM
    2500GB Bandwdith
    Regular Price: $269/mo
    NOW ONLY $130/mo

    Xeon 3360 - SATA
    2048MB RAM
    2000GB Bandwdith
    Regular Price: $199/mo
    NOW ONLY $169/mo

    Dual Xeon 5405 - SAS
    2048MB RAM
    2000GB Bandwdith
    Regular Price: $284/mo
    NOW ONLY $209/mo

    Visit the Dedicated Discounts page for a full list of available servers and savings!

    Double Your RAM, Hard Disk or Bandwidth for Free
    In our classic Double Down promotion, a huge group of our most popular servers are eligible to get Double Hard Drive Space, Double Bandwidth, or Double RAM for FREE.

    This promo is only available for a limited time, so don't miss your chance to get in on the savings. Check out the promo details, and get all the information you need to order at our Double Down page.

    Get Nehalem Today
    The latest processor technology from Intel is available from just $392 per month, with all the benefits of hosting in our enterprise-class data centers.

    These servers are powerhouses by default, with
    • 6 GBs 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM
    • Quad-core processors with hyper-threading
    • 2.4 GHz processor clock speed
    • 250 GB SATA or 146 GB SAS hard drive
    • 2 TB of bandwidth

    Power up your hosting infrastructure and get some piece of mind in the process. Learn more about the Nehalem processor and the available Dual Xeon 5530 configurations by visiting our Nehalem promotion page.

    Even More Specials Available!
    Head to The Planet's Dedicated Server Specials page to get a full list of current promotions. For a limited time, we've got some of the best deals in the industry on Data Protection, Advanced Services, Unmetered Bandwidth and Secondary Servers.

    Unless otherwise noted, promotions cannot be combined and are limited-time, limited-supply. Don't wait to take advantage of these great deals.
    Kevin Hazard
    Director, Digital Content
    SoftLayer, an IBM Company

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    Do you charge extra for management. Can you offer a link where the prices for managed servers are written.

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    We offer management in a number of different flavors.

    You can get services a la cart (like security, monitoring and backup):

    You can get a managed dedicated server which is still a dedicated server, but you get all of the services above, plus a one-hour hardware replacement SLA and a dedicated contact line to level 2 and level 3 technicians:


    You can get a fully managed account with system design and administration support through our Northstar managed hosting branch (quotes customized based on what you need):
    Kevin Hazard
    Director, Digital Content
    SoftLayer, an IBM Company

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