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    Question Is 512mb ram from media temple entry level dv enough for running tom cat 6?

    hi everyone,
    I have a client who has the following requirements:

    1. Apache Tomcat 6.0

    2. Java 1.5 and above

    3. Java Servlet 1.2

    4. JSP 2.0

    5. Uploading War File Facility.

    I am thinking abt going with media temple entry level dv with 512mb ram. would this much memory be enough to run the above requirements. I need to give the quotation the the client. Please help with your knowledge and experience.


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    It would be enough for initial setup and installation, but once the project/application is live you will start running out of ram. Many of our clients initially purchase VPS with 512mb ram and later on they add additional RAM as per their requirement for VPS to function efficiently.
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    ok thanks for the quick reply. Will I be able to use java mail?

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    You should have no problem setting up Java mail on a VPS. Remember it is just like a dedicated server except it is in a shared resource pool.

    As far as your ram usage I have always found that java will use any amount of ram you throw at it, but if you reduce the guaranteed ram it will run exactly the same and not crash your vps container by going over your softlimits consistently.

    Just limit the amount of memory your app is using under ${java_options};

    using -Xmx128m or -Xmx256m

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    thanks for the reply again.
    My client has a specific question about uploading war files. Is it the norm to upload it via ftp and ssh. Or is there some other way to upload them?

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    I have always seen people use the web application manager to upload wars.

    Once tomcat is installed just navigate to port :8080.

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    I wouldn't even try it with a vps with less than 1GB of RAM..even would have to be very careful.

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    any more suggestion/comments?

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    Java / Tomcat takes an excessive amount of memory its advisable you go for something higher unless this is only dev work.
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    Farhan, do you have any specific budget for this?
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    I would seriously suggest shopping around. $50.00 a month could get you more if you go through a budget company.

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    a budget company is fine but i do not want to compromise on the quality.

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