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    MDD Hosting - Review of first weeks - VERY Positive

    I signed up for Shared Hosting with MDD Hosting on 24 June 2009, after an exchange of emails with Mike. Years ago, I swore that I would never pay for hosting on a yearly basis again, after a bad experience, but I did pay for one year with MDD, after that exchange of emails. So far, my impression is VERY positive. This web site is the first one where I have not used M$ FrontPage to create and publish a web site and there was a frustrating issue yesterday (Sunday) where I could not FTP. Seems like Mike was just sitting there, on Sunday, waiting for my Support Ticket to come in. He found the issue was caused because I am using the Domain Registrars DNS and I need to change something there. I was able to FTP with the data he gave me, without any issues, this morning. The expertise and tenacity at MDD are much appreciated! WHT Moderators: If you will provide a link, I will confirm to you that this new web site is hosted by MDD, ASAP.

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    Great review. First impressions are always important and it's great to hear yours is a positive one.

    I've seen Mike very active on these forums, and no doubt he works hard to satisfy this customers.

    You can verify your review by reporting your (hit the report button) and include a domain you host with them..

    Let us know how things are 6 months down the line (hopefully still just as positive!)
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    I've reported my domain using the Report button

    WHT Moderators: I've reported my domain using the Report button.

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    Nice to see another good review for Mddhosting.

    I've chatted with Mike a number of times, he is a nice guy, and seems to be very professional, and cares about his clients.

    I'm sure that you'll be happy with mddhosting in the future as well.

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    Great to see that Mike is running a tight ship. Don't forget to come back when you've been with them for a while for an in-depth review .
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    Nice review!

    MDD Hosting is one of the popular hosts here in WHT, and with good reason it looks like. Glad to see you're happy with them.

    Please keep us updated in the future.
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    That's awsome, always good too see good feedback on any provider congrats mike on great work - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    That's great to hear, Lanny! Nice work, Mike!

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    Thanks for sharing your great initial impressions on MDD hosting. Follow up the review in future. Congrats Mike for your good work.

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    Nice,but don't forget to keep us posted and updated on your experiences with mdd,and enlighten the members. Is now a Google PR 6
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    Great review! Good to see positive reviews from time to time. Please keep WHT updated as your experience moves on. It's not only good for users looking for a good host, but for other hosting companies to see where customers expectations are and how they are met!
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