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    Recommendations On An Gbit NL Server - 103 euros/mo - 3tb+ bw


    I'm currently looking for a dedicated server to be housed in the NL (Amsterdam or rotterdam) which provides the following:

    1) 1gbit Uplink/Downlink
    2) Min 3gb RAM
    3) Dual Core CPU >= 2.4GHz
    4) Min 160gb HDD
    5) 3tb+ Bandwidth

    Our price Range Is: 103euros (and i am billed ina c ountry where VAT Doesn't Apply)

    I am currently with i3d and are in fact happy with them in all of the aboe, except requirement 5.

    The only other "good" NL provider i know of is LeaseWeb - however their express servers do not allow for hardware customisation, and as such, the hardware requirements for the server cannot be met. Their custom built servers begin significantly above our price range.

    If anyone has any recommendations they'd be greatly appreciated.

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    I would try

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