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    I ggot my VPS in order to move large files around the net. SO i was recommended this unexpensive host. the first 10 days went great, awesome upload/download speed. after that, I started getting problems when unraring files: the vitual hard drive can only be written to a speed of 500 Kb/s Max. so it takes around 40 minutes to unrar a 1.4 rar file, when it took me little over 5 minutes to download. I write them and ask to please check why it is so slow, they answer me with "we don't have control over your disk". 8 messages going back and forth, and I still have gotten them to actually look at teh problem.

    Today, I am downloding large files, but the download speed keeps resetting to 0 every 5 seconds, making it impossible to download at a steady pace, I already wrote another ticket regarding this issue, they told me to do a tracert from my vps to the downloading site. I did, and tehy only told me "looks fast from here"
    thas it!

    I have had many other problmes with them before, but its not even worth mentioning it. I guess this will be my last month with them, they are not willing to give the simplest customer service.

    Edit: and from time to time theer xeon system really gets slow, and when you wirte a ticket about it all they say is:

    Well everyone else's vps is working correctly"
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    I have never heard of them but we hope that you get a refund.
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