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    DataHostDirect 1 year review

    I have a VPS with for about a year now so I figured I'd share the experience. I was looking primarily for a cheap solution, for something to learn and play with. At the time I was working with another hosting company, but they had managed VPS's which means waaaay more then I could (would) afford. I wanted something cheap, which almost always means unmanaged. After getting burned by (anybody remember those), I also learned not to pay more then one month in advance.

    So here is what I can say about their support: First, I must recommend their staff. Nick is always very kind and helpful. The other(s) are ok, too. I can say that they're pretty fast and that they always resolve tickets withing 20-30 minutes.

    And regarding stability: My VPS there is small and relatively unvisited, with only few domains, and only 2 of those arent for my playing and testing. But still, I'm logged in (via shell) on daily basis, and I hardly ever notice any sluggishness. The net speed is always high, whenever I try to download stuff, I get decent speed. The VPS is not slow or something so I figure that I'm either lucky to get this node, or they don't oversell.
    I did have few problems with this or that, but when I notice and report stuff, it's dealt with very fast, as I've said.

    They also have some maintenence (migrating stuff around, upgrading the server or something similar) but it is always announced in time. I also had one IP change, but it was also announced. And since I don't run anything mission-critical there (nor should anybody on a 10-20$ VPS), it was no trouble to me.

    They also reacted in time with the lxadmin issue so I didn't get any damage (and from what I've read, since I didn't have others log in, I wasn't in that much of a trouble).

    Well, I think they're over the child diseases and I they act like they're here to stay. That is why they gained my trust and now I dared to pay 6 months in advance, and I'm not concerned that they'll just disappear or something.

    I don't know else I can or should write here, well if I remember I can always come back.

    P.S. Now the only thing I need to do is to buy my wife a 70$ equivalent or I'll never be able to log in in those 6 months

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    Thank you Zladuric, we do take pride in our service and support and to see it not go unrecognized is a great feeling for myself and our staff. Always remember, if you have questions to submit a ticket and someone will get right to you!

    Thanks again

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