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    Windows/Linux server hardware monitoring?

    Are there and decent tools that you use to keep an "eye" on your server to lookout for hardware issues?

    E.g., it would be nice to get an automated email sent if a server's temperature went above X or if S.M.A.R.T. errors were detected with a hardrive, etc.


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    Not sure, we use HP OVO to monitor our servers. For instance, HP hardware comes with HP's SmartStart or insight manager agent to either:
    1) Pipe events to syslog/Windows event log
    2) Send the message directly to syslog or snmp trap.

    The hardware we own is only HP and Sun and they provide software to do this with the server.

    The systems we lease, we use our own custom script that uses the loopback interface to poll hardware and report it at the OS level.

    My recommendation is if you want to do this easily... Buy branded servers. About the simplest way of achieving this sort of thing.
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    For Dell hardware, I would check out their monitoring page:

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    On Linux:
    * smartmontools for S.M.A.R.T. monitoring
    * lm-sensors (run sensors-detect) for temperature + fan monitoring
    * bluesmoke for detecting faulty ECC RAM (only works with some chipsets)
    * mdadm for multi-disk (Linux software RAID) management and monitoring
    * logcheck or logwatch to keep an eye on your general system logs
    * optionally snmp/snmp-trap to monitor your many systems in a central place using a compatible management console

    Most of these tools can be configured to send email in case an unexpected event occurs.

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    Thank you for the great replies. The software provided by Dell/HP is a good incentive for going that route in the future.

    I'll check out the tools listed for my Linux servers. Ideally there would be one package I could install that did all of this but it shouldn't take too much time configuring these.

    Any other ideas for Windows?


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    For Windows, Paessler's PRTG.

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    You might also check solutions like Nagios and Munin. There is whole community of people writting different types of plugins for those platforms. Maybe you can find something that is suitable for your needs.

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    Try Cacti. It can be used to monitor Windows and Linux machines

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