Hi WHT -

This isn't a very conventional way of doing business, but I can't see a real problem with it. It's also 1:30 AM right now so if this post is ridiculous or I'm missing something obvious, please tell me and I'll try to rewrite it tomorrow

Anywho, I've built a site that I think has some pretty good potential, but I'm crap when it comes to publicizing/promoting it. So here's the deal. I'm willing to split the advertising profits 50/50 for the first year with someone who would work on bringing more traffic to the site (and thus generating more revenue for us both...). It is a brand new site so it doesn't really make any profit right now.

I can negotiate or come up with a completely new system if anyone has a better method of doing this, but I don't want to pay a flat price for someone to come along and take a stab at promoting the site.

The website is www.screentunes.com.

I'd also of course listen to the person's advice on how to improve the site or whatever is necessary to make it a more popular tool.

Thanks, and I look forward to teaming up with one of you (actually, if a group of you are interested maybe we could work out some larger deal for getting a team built... there's no limits to where we could take the site if you guys have some cool ideas for it)!

- Cecchi MacNaughton