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    Securing Windows VPS

    I am looking for some tips on securing a Windows VPS running Server 2003. I'm more of a unix server guy, so I don't know much about securing a windows vps. This VPS will serve as a shared hosting server if that helps. Thanks for any advice or tips you can offer.
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    You can secure your windows VPS server 2003 by enabling the windows firewall and configuring it.
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    If you are a Unix guy, why on earth for hosting you go with Windows ?
    From Ms solutions you can use ISA server as a firewall (one of the tasks it can be used for). There is also plenty of other 3rd party software that can be used to increase the security (just put firewall in Google ). Also make sure you have the latest hotfixes and service packs from Ms installed.

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    Check out Visnetic if you are looking at buying an affordable firewall. If you have no plans to spend, you can try and setup the basic firewall of Windows Server as something is better than nothing. Here are couple of things which could help:

    - Install and configure Windows firewall and allow port 80 and 443 (web), 20 and 21 (ftp), 25 and 110 (mails), 3389 (RDP).
    - Harden the TCP/IP stack
    - Disable File and Printer Sharing on the Internet facing network
    - Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

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    The best way is like Linux security -

    1. Stop all unused services;
    2. Update the system;
    3. Restrict the access;
    4. Run firewall;
    5. etc...

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