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Thread: How do i start?

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    How do i start?

    I purchased a vps from a company that i knew had very bad support because it was very cheap so i am not mad at that. My questions is, i purchased and paid for the vps. I got the automatic emails with my password and everything.

    I was given this link (my host was replaced for my real host)

    The link goes to nothing. This also happened at the last company i went to for a vps and they gave me a different link to try and it worked. I forgot what they said, so i was wondering if anyone knew what it was.
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    Yes, the old link was the Hypervm hypervisor from LXLabs. It's owner is deceased now, he was a one-man show. The software is in flux, and has many security issues.
    Most hosts have disabled / abandoned it.
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    It's hard to see what exactly you are trying to do, seems to be you are unable to login to your control panel.. (right?)
    do you have SSH access also?
    try login in with SSH see if the services are all up.

    if its centos / rhel based system, type ; service --status-all
    see if everything is running correctly.

    also , you can use " netstat " (in SSH again.. ) to see which ports are open for you.

    you can connect to SSH with putty , to get putty just fetch it from a putty mirror such as
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    Thanks for your informationl

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    this didn't work, I am not using ssh
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    Try port 4643.

    If that doesn't work run a port scan on your IP. Its built into the network tools in Ubuntu, if your running windows use knocker or angry ip scanner.

    Try all unidentified open ports via telnet or a web browser and see the responses you get.

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