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    * VPS In India + Russia + France

    I wan to by VPS in India, Russia, France
    Please tell me website that I can buy VPS
    Thanks !

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    Are you looking for managed or unmanaged vps ? What is your budget ? Please note that VPS Hosting prices are comparitively costlier in India than France.
    Managed Virtuozzo VPS | Reseller Hosting [ USA Datacenter] [ INDIA Datacetner]
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    I want to find the VPS with :
    Price : 30USD/m -> 100USD/m
    Payment : Online (Master Card, Visa Card, Paypal)
    Country : India, Russia, France
    VPS : Ram >=512MB, Data Transfer >= 100G/m
    Thanks !

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    Welcome to WHT
    You should lookup at the forum a bit, search in the advertisment area, many GREAT ! hosts around there :-)

    contact the hosts you are interested working with, ask them your technical questions and most important let them know exactly what are you going to do with your server, so they could match a package that will meet with your demands.

    onec again , welcome! - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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    We have offices in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
    Therefore we want to use 3 VPS in 3 areas for easy contact.
    We have found a VPS in the U.S.. At present we want to find more VPS in Asia and Europe.
    I need you help to find VPS in Asia and Europe

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    yeuit in India u can get the remaining specs at lower cost but bandwidth is very costly in India, so just check out other asian nation providers bandwidth too.. if u really want only from INDIA, I think I have noted 2 providers so far in my experience in wht, I don't know how reliable they are though

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    dear yeuit1,

    referring to your request does your application have latency issues?
    if so then you may consider well connected hosts and countries

    where is your EU customerbase mainly located?

    Datacenter Luxembourg
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    Hello Yeuit1,

    As koolnhot mentioned , to have a 100GB b/w from Indian DC based providers, you need to increase your budget little bit may be around 20%-30% I guess. In case you are strict about budget then you have to compromise with the bandwidth limit.

    Happy haunting...
    Managed Virtuozzo VPS | Reseller Hosting [ USA Datacenter] [ INDIA Datacetner]
    [email protected] | 1-732-253-0169 ( sales)

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    For Russia please check They have VPS in Russia DC.

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