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    ffmpeg\mencoder & adult content & good for Europe

    Please, advice a hosting that will be good and fast both for users from in US and Europe (Russia).

    it also should support ffmpeg\mencoder & be adult content friendly)

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    You're not going to find a solution that is fast for serving videos to both the US and Russia without using something like a Content Delivery Network.

    I could see very easily setting up an account on a server with FFMPEG and then setting up an origin-pull on the location where the converted videos are stored and then configuring the player itself to pull the videos from the CDN.

    What happens with an origin-pull is that you send the request to the CDN and if it's not already there you download the file directly from the original server and then the CDN pulls the content over and it stays there until it's not downloaded for 24 hours.

    You will have to pay for the transfer on the CDN as well and you may want to try and find a provider that offers CDN services.
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    I would recommend to go for Cirtexhosting - ( an US based hosting company) who are specialized in providing video streaming server services. They do support ffmpeg,ioncube etc:, they also do provide very cheap and reliable plans.

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    Cirtexhosting are good for FFmpeg hosting, I would also check out their sister site for VPS's if you have the budget at

    Do you have a budget or an idea of what you would like to spend?

    Let us know what short list you get and any you have at the moment in mind.

    Good luck

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    Many EU providers will have a fast speed to both US and Russia

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    you should look at servers in western europe.
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