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    What would you do with this....

    This isn't a case of "I'm done, what you do you think".

    More like "I'm ready to implement a new design based on the evolution of the content". So I throw this out to the wolves... any tips or suggestions for me when I begin the GUI overall? Be sure to click around some through the various areas, especially the member reviews. I look forward to your remarks.. Dan

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    At first, I really like the layout. It looks nice and neat and smooth.

    But when I sit there and really start to look at it, absolutely nothing jumps at me. I feel as if I've got to squint just to find out what the place it about.

    In which case I recommend you rethink your info delivery - the main middle area just doesn't 'feature' any information - it's a shopping list, or a archive of press releases. You want the site to be more dynamic, yes?

    And I so hate that in general "for men" markets think that I really want some neurotic anorexic airhead displaying a misshapen body at me. Sorry, folks - my girl beats the hell out of almost anyone you could throw in my face. That's just a personal point - as the concept is so overly used like a damp cliche. But if you want to get real serious about the issue, ensure you own a licence for the display of copyright material. Bigger companies frankly don't care what hurt they can cause to individuals in the courts.

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    It's a very attractive look.

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    Brian, I couldn't agree more - absolutely nothing jumps and I'm well aware of that. The design you see now was temporary with no effort applied so I could work out the technical issues (I'm the solo developer unfortunately). Now that I've stablized the back-end, I'm ready to tackle the GUI and properly brand it - but not overkill it with excessive graphics and download time.

    Here's what I'm looking at for home:

    Main Area:
    1) Today's updates
    2) Feature story (possibly dynamic rotation)
    3) Current giveaways (there will always be at least one running but I don't want it as obvious as it is now)
    4) Recent updates by key site area (below the feature story)

    5) Member advantages / Login
    6) Main and Sub Site navigation
    7) Glimpse at the latest member added content via reviews
    8) Glimpse at the latest DVD material added by the staff
    9) Quick-Search functionality by Review Area
    10) Ad placement (vertical most likely)

    I'm thinking greys and blues across the board which will not be easy to pull off but not impossible either. I don't want a cheesy look - cartoon imagery and a radical design/logo (yep this will result in a new logo as well). This is an adult site and I want the interface to reflect that. The subject matter is specific: the entertainment vehicles of a ManRoom for men and even women. Yes we've stumbled into women whom have taken a basement and turned it into a "ManRoom", complete with a home theater and bar. As such, I'd like the homepage to reflect that in the material presented.

    I'm glad you mentioned "The Misshapen Body" as it will disappear Believe it or not, the site regulars have a fun time providing input on whom to feature each month - typically a lady in the media spotlight at that time. It will formalize more and tie in nicely with the rest of the site and publicity for said artist in the coming months. The October POTC, Elizabeth Hurley, helped push a lot of eyeballs towards her current film "The Weight of Water", which we collaberated with the studio on. In the new design, it will fall under the regular updates and not stick out like a sore thumb.

    Thanks for your comments...keep em coming

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