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    Read one negative review for and couldn't find any other.Im hoping that their customers can share their experiences.
    Its clear that their prices are nice n' low but what about uptime and customer support?

    Please share any experience you have with this company.

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    I'd say 8/10 for the support. Tickets replies usually take <24 hours. I have a shared webhosting account with them, so I can't really vouch for VPS'es at this moment. However, site uptime has been almost 100%, except for one instance when they got DDoSed (few weeks ago), but I got moved to a new node quickly. The remaining 2 points to 10/10 are as follows:

    1) It's no big matter but after I got moved to the new web node, it appears they forgot our initial billing agreement, that I should have jailed SSH access (with svn installed). SVN was on the old webserver, but not on the current. Also, I asked for some folders to be chowned and deleted via superuser. Some files got CHMOD'ed to 750 by tech support on accident >_> It's no big matter, considering the guy was new to BuzzServers

    2) Nothing is perfect ^^

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