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    * quick question

    Is it possible to change DNS to a subdomain when the domain is hosted in a VPS?

    What about for a dedicated server or a shared hosting?


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    What you meant by "change DNS to a subdomain when the domain is hosted in a VPS" ?

    There is no big difference about where exactly your DNS service is located, it will be working pretty simple everywhere.

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    For example I have hosted in my vps and I want to host to an other host (by changing DNS)
    That's what I was trying to say

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    Oh. then sure you can. There are 2 options for this - first you can manually create needed 'A' and 'MX' and other records for your, or you can simply create 1-2 NS records for your pointing to another server, and create needed DNS zone with all parameters there. Both ways will be working just fine.

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    great, thank you mate

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    You're always welcome. Feel free to PM me in case of any tech questions.

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    to use subdomains, you will have to configure your BIND dns server,
    which is located in /var/named/
    if you are looking into website virtual hosting, its within your httpd.conf / vhosts configuration, anyhow the domain must resolve before you try to configure you apache named base virtual hosts.

    kind'a techi issue if you dont know what i am talking about, you should consult with your provider, or find a friend/tech who can do that for you.

    another option, is to seek for managed service. - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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    can someone suggest me a vps provider with very good support
    I need less than 1gb space and around 20gb bandwidth


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