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    Setup dedicated server with 2hdd

    Hi guys,

    I would like to asking help about building dedicated server 2x hdd, i have person who advance in this but i want to get open wider suggestion from you :

    1. which one better, "use 1 hdd for data and 1 hdd for backup" or "2 hdd for data and use backup service which is extra money"?

    2. I have market already, but for starter is 80gb 2x hdd or 73gb scsi (little bit different in price) still enough until next year. I will expect to have 250Gb/500Gb sata, is it better make these new capacity replace the old one or just added into the box using raid?

    3. if it is raid, is it no problem using two different ide/sata hdd and scsi hdd?

    thank you and appreciate to all suggestion written.


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    1. It depends on your setup. Typically if you're using a RAID card, and two drives in a raid 1 setup it'll be faster than a single drive because the RAID card offloads disk operations from your CPU.

    In the 1 HD for data and 1 HD for backup scenario, when you lose the main HD, your box is down. your DC will have to restore it and you'll have to restore your backups again. You will have downtime during this time.

    If you put both of those drives into a raid 1, you can lose either drive, and your customers will never know. I personally prefer this option.

    2. I'd got SATA now with the bigger drives. Simply put, SCSI doesn't have that many advantages over SATA anymore. It's more expensive, and slightly faster depending on the setup, but for shared hosting, you'll never really see the difference. You should put the money to two bigger SATA drives and a decent SATA raid card setup.

    3. If you have 2 drives in a raid one, the smaller size will dictate the overall size of the array. For example, 1 50G drive and one 100 G drive in a raid one will give you a 50G raid array.

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    Thanks Christ M for your information

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    Raid1 will not make your data fast. In fact, it will make a little bit slower since it needs to sync the data. Raid1 is there to protect the data in case 1 drive failed but backup is still important.

    Raid 5 is better.

    But for your question, just make the 2nd drive as /backup.
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