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    Need 2 logos, product brochure & website design - not hosting!

    Thanks for reading.

    I need two logos, one for the company name and one for the product name. I'm also looking for a brochure design and a website design.

    I'm open to splitting the work between multiple designers or one designer if you can do everything to a high quality.

    A bit of back story:
    For the past year and a bit, I've been developing (for free) an electronic case management system for a local free legal advice center (keeps track of their volunteers, clients, and open cases - with reporting tools and statistics they can use for fundraising applications etc..). It's improved their efficiency around 40%, and so there's been interest from other advice agencies who might like to use it too. These are all non-profits and charities, and I'm pricing it accordingly for them (it's sold as SAAS so my costs + not much). As such, I need some good offers here I'm not in this for profit, just wanting to project a professional image to put to shame some of the companies that are trying to make a substantial profit with some really poor systems. The lower my costs, the less I have to charge these great but badly underfunded agencies.

    Please contact me for more information, either using one of IM methods in my profile or by clicking PM or email me (alasdair @ removethis - remove the "remote this".

    Please be prepared to provide:
    a) Portfolio
    b) Fixed Price
    c) Source files (e.g. PSD, Quark files etc.. - whatever you use).
    d) Accept payment by Paypal (or a reputable payment processor)

    If someone wants to offer substantially reduced rates (or, feeling generous, free!), I will happily include a link back to your website and brochure etc...
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    check your PM

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    Definately interested, added you to Live Messenger to discuss the project in detail.
    My portfolio is

    Look forward to hearing from you

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    Hi Alasdair,

    My portfolio can be seen at

    I am very interested in your project, I have added you to MSN messenger to discuss the pricing in more detail.


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