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    * 77 SEO Tools - 15% Off Scriptalicious SEO Scripts 2.0 Pro

    Scriptalicious SEO Scripts 2.0 Pro is now available! We packed 77 SEO Scripts into this powerful new turnkey, with full CMS and tools admin.

    Most companies charge $50-100 per month for access to tools like these. Now you can have your own powerhouse of SEO tools for an amazing price. Get the power of the SEO gurus at your fingertips for under $100.

    For the rest of July, save 15% on all orders with coupon code SUNSHINE at checkout!

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    Looks to be feature rich tools, but I am curious if there is a way to offer this to your clients as a paid feature?

    For example, as a hosting provider, is there a way I could allow my clients to gain access to the site for a monthly subscription?

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    Thanks, the scripts have taken a ton of work and we still have more planned!

    Currently there are no subscription/paid service tools built-in, however we are looking into this for a future addon or upgrade.

    You can certainly install the tools in a password-protected location, and offer access to the tools as an add-on to your service.

    We also offer a branding service that will allow you to brand the tools and a customized user manual to provide to your own clients/customers. Our "Services" section on the site is undergoing a few final revisions, but you can always contact me directly in the meantime - or submit a ticket for further info.

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    I appreciate your response, I am not interested in this right now as I cannot afford them but I will probably get them in the future.

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