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    WHM Nameserver IP's

    On our WHM server, when we click on nameserver IPs under Network setup, there should be three nameservers,, and, but instead it lists twice, with the two nameserver IP adresses on that server, *.*.*.1 and *.*.*.2, (we have a VPS running dns only which is ns1) which should also be listed, as *.*.*.57. So ns1 and ns3 aren't showing up, and ns2 appears to be assigned to two ip addresses. Any ideas why?

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    The nameserver ip list is not always accurate. You can change this by editing the file /etc/nameserverips but you need to make sure the A record for ns1 & ns2 is setup properly in the dns zone. As long as the dns zone entry is there, and they are setup at your registrar, then there is nothing to worry about.
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