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    best dedicated server in europe for speedtest page?

    this is nick from Greece. i came to your webpage while i was searching for dedicated servers so here is my question if anyone can help..

    i was running a speedtest page at a greek host which was very expensive (the bandwidth) and now i look for a dedicated server in europe with the following requirements:

    no less than 100mpbs line.
    at least 100gb monthly transfer
    low pings
    cpanel/plesk panel

    i came through the but i have no experience nor i know any alternatives.

    any recommendations?
    thanks in advance

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    Your bandwidth requirement is very low. Maybe you should take a VPS instead of a Dedicated Server

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    thanks for the reply. do you recommend any companies?

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    Maybe if you could find someone with servers in Telecity/Redbus... that might be an option. I don't know of any off the top of my head.
    Jon Stephenson

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    my worry is that no one is giving any demo account so i cant test their speed accuracy.

    anyways thanks for your answers compusite!

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    why donīt you try ?
    Their servers are located in Germany.
    They seem to have a pretty fast and reliable network and also offer something called WebHosting Pro ( "" ). It is like a vps but wihout the need to do the administration of a vps. The plans have already pretty much traffic included. Also their managed servers have a 100mbit unlimited connection.

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    We have servers in Leaseweb, hetzner and rapidswitch and we recommend all of them. If the speedtest site is used for many european countries I recommend you get a server from leaseweb as they have peerings with more countries. If the speedtest site is used mostly from Greece then any of these providers will work for you.

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    hey cretaforce
    i was just writing a review about your company on << snipped >>
    thanks a lot for your your answer by the way!

    filedeliverynet: thanks but the page is German and i am a little negative cause i cant speak the language!
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    No problem :-)

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    I would recommend netdirekt. I have servers with them for almost an year and probably will never leave them. I live in a country close to yours so the latency/speed seems great to me
    << snipped >>
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    ECATEL is also another provider for Europe. May check:
    FiberPeer.Com | | REAL DDoS Protection | Cloud Hosting | VPS | Dedicated Servers | High Bandwidth Hosting | 1Gbps-10Gbps Unmetered
    FiberPeer DDoS Mitigation | ethProxy Upgraded! | 14-Years Experience | Emergency 24/7 Support
    Visit us @

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    Do you need to install a script on the server or do you just need a server to store the files that will be down- and uploaded ?
    Did you think of using a CDN or a storage solution for your speedtest ?
    For example amazon s3 or any other CDN ? I also think that rapidshare could be a nice option for you if you need low prices for traffic. They offer something that is called TrafficShare and could be just right for you.

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    hi filedeliverynet
    i need to store a script so a file storage service wouldnt help!

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    leaseweb have an awesome network, and great prices too.

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