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    I'm a webdesigner, and understand basic (x)html however feel I am a bit limited.

    I'm especially looking to be able to develop ecommerce sites, so I think xhtml and php is a must. Jquery and ajax seem very good to learn now too.

    I'm thinking if I should do a 2 year college course, open university, or self learn from books and online.

    What courses did any of you developers do in college/university? (UK courses)

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    I would self learn. You will learn more IMO. Go to your local bookstore and look into some books. Actually read them and absorb all the information from the book.

    Most books offer a tutorial after the chapter or section which proves to be very helpful in your learning session.
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    Whether you take courses or self-educate, make sure you focus on your primary talent. I'd recommend a different course of action than simply learning a language; learn a web framework instead. Such tools are designed to make people like you (and more developer focussed folks too) productive and write better, safer, web code faster.

    Before you invest a bunch of time in PHP, consider strongly looking also at Python and specifically at the most active open source python web application framework - Django.

    You'll learn, arguably, better development practices more rapidly by working with a solid web framework. Anything you learn with Python will not be lost should you decide to work with another language.

    Install it and take the tutorial.

    Once you've done that, have a look at Satchmo, an ecommerce site built upon Django.

    I mention Python and specifically Django because it is powerful, allows you to rapidly implement features, has a huge user community, and is well written.

    Django templates should feel comfortable to you given your design / xhtml background. There are plenty of "designer-first, developer second" folks using tools like Django.

    If you do go the PHP route do be sure to find and adopt a good web framework for that language. Don't reinvent the wheel.
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    I'm from the United States. I have 2 college degrees, and 5 certifications in the Computer area.

    a 2 year in Computer Science
    a 2 year in Computer Administration
    Certifications: Advanced Microsoft Office, Beginner Web Dev, Intermediate Web Dev, Advanced Web Dev, Microsoft Server

    A local college near me offered classes on these studies, and then allowed you to test for your certifications. (For certifications only)

    If your only wanting to expand your horizon on Web Development, then you should check out your local colleges for just quick courses. It doesn't take you 2 years to learn some of the advanced web languages.

    It always helps to hang out of Barnes n Nobles — a book store — and read some of the books they have

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    Most books offer a tutorial after the chapter or section which proves to be very helpful in your learning session.

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    If you go to a uni they teach you principally theoretical and general stuff, as the web languages/programming trends keep changing all the time. I'd go for self learning/maybe a smaller course in the techniques you want to learn. You can first look for a book in the specific language (what about Ruby on Rails?) and then look for a course. That's the best way to go imho if you want to work as a freelance/in an own company. However, if you want to apply at large firm a degree always looks well.

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