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    Comparing low-cost VPS plans (spreadsheet attached)

    A couple of years ago I posted a spreadsheet here with comparisons of various VPS hosting plans. With feedback from the community, I was able to select a good host. This data was also helpful to many others. Recently, I've been unhappy with my host so I started to looks at the state of VPS plans available. I've created a small spreadsheet to help me select a new host. I thought it might benefit others. Please feel free to download it. If you find any information is incorrect, or would like to suggest a host not in my spreadsheet, feel free to post it here and I will update the spreadsheet for the benefit of all.

    Please note that I am looking at plans under $40 and running on Linux. My preferred control panel is Plesk.
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    Ok, I can recommend DataHostDirect, because I'm with them for a year or so now. Here's one of the plans that could fit into your table:, $21.95, they have cPanel and directadmin (dunno about plesk) but for additional money, 40Gigs of disk, 400GB monthly transfer, 3 IPs, managed.

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    futurehosting is having 40% off and double ram...look into the offers section...

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