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    Question Creating Custom Nameservers

    I would like to create custom nameservers for a Server i just purchased. I seem to be getting unclear messages from my Host & Domain registrar on what the process should be.

    I have registered. i would like to be able to provide & etc. to clients to use as nameservers.

    i have no other servers hosting nor do i have a DNS created somewhere's else? what should be the process in getting these created?

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    do you have a control panel to manage your domain?

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    yes, i have a cp to manage my domain.

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    Register and with any two IP's of the server respectively at your registrar end so that your domain uses your custom name servers.

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    sems you are using wild west domains, so here is a tutorial how to create nameservers with godaddy

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    Select two IPs on your dedicated server.

    Register the nsa and nsb with your host. They will let you know when its done.

    After that,you setup DNS on your server on those IPs.

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    1. Pick two unique ips from your dedicated server. Yes, you need two.
    2. Login to the control panel for your domain registrar. If your hosting provider did this for you then they will need to make the following change.
    3. Look for an option that says "register nameservers". Different hosts put it in different places.
    4. Add NS1.DOMAIN.COM -> <first IP from your machine>.
    5. Add NS2.DOMAIN.COM -> <second IP from your machine>.

    Done. You've just created nameservers. It may take a bit of time for your host to update the root NSs, although typically this happens pretty fast.

    This is also assuming you are running a control panel such as cPanel or Plesk. If you're not, then there's a few additional steps you'll need to take to make sure your server answers DNS requests. If you can tell us a bit more about your setup, then we can help you with this as well.

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