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    Would this be hard?

    Hey there,

    I currently have a VPS, and it's going well. I've been offered another at a bargain price, so I'm going to buy that as well. I'm wanting to spread my services across two vps'.Here's what the set up would be:

    VPS 1 - 1.5GB RAM, 150GB Space, 600GB bandwidth
    - Used for: Master reseller accounts, Shoutcast hosting

    VPS 2 - 3GB RAM, 170GB Space, 700GB Bandwidth
    - Used for: shared hosting, reseller hosting

    A WHMCS licence installed on VPS 2. Main website/forum would be on VPS 2.

    Now, I was thinking that all I'd have to do was add another server in WHMCS. Is it really as simple as that? Or is there more to it? I know there are clustering options in WHM, I'm not sure if I really have to use them though.

    And, if there's a lot of extra space on one of them, would it be feasible to make another partition and use it as a backup partition for both servers? Or would it be better to get a cheap unmanaged server for 10-20 from somewhere like or


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    You can add the server in WHM and start using it for different products, however 1.5GB isn't much for a hosting box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EditDNS-Tyler View Post
    You can add the server in WHM and start using it for different products, however 1.5GB isn't much for a hosting box.
    Agreed - you need to upgrade your RAM - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Hmm, I was under the impression 1.5GB would cut it. Another GB maybe?

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    personally i would do like what was suggested as most come with at least 2GB as a good start or even 3GB as well. Upgrade RAM, and yes making a backup on one of them that has the most room is a good idea in case that one crashes you can restore them quickly with little downtime. - Shoutcast Streams & Web Hosting
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