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    Question Please review my site


    Please review my site I created this sites to sell ebooks. I created this site myself in Frontpage because I am not professional developer that's why I chose Frontpage. The idea for individual page for each subject like AdSense, Affiliate, Niche, etc was to attract more visitors from Search Engine.

    For example I have 22 different topic products, means 22 different pages. It means if I set at least 5 keywords in title of each page that I have 100+ different keywords in page title only that is good for SEO. And so on with Meta Tags.

    But frankly I am not getting sales. There might be few reasons?

    • Bad / un-attractive site layout
    • Products offered are not good
    • Price is high
    • Less traffic

    AWStat for this site shows that almost 50% visitors added my site in their browser.

    Please give me your opinion review about this site, how I can make this site better and get some sales?

    Thank you


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    overall it looks ok. But I can't personally stand your banner. It does not suit the site

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    Quote Originally Posted by CycloneMark View Post
    overall it looks ok. But I can't personally stand your banner. It does not suit the site
    That is AdSense ad. The idea is if someone is not purchasing any thing then visit at least give a click on any ad if he is interested. I don't know you give it or not.

    BTW thank you for your review, waiting for more reviews before I make final decision what to do next with this site that I developed with very hard work.


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    Sorry, CycloneMark, perhaps you're looking at a different incarnation of that site, but there are so many things about it that are just terrible... the only thing missing is prominent use of the blink tag.

    The primary problem with this site is the product, but even if we leave aside the thought of a "business" that sells information on how to run a "business" that sells information on how to run a "business" that sell... {error: infinite loop detected}

    We're left with:
    An explosion of color/fonts that is very visually distracting
    The layout looks like something from 1996.
    The text is in dire need of a copy editor that speaks English as a primary language (no offense intended, GCS/Ghulam, but you *are* trying to sell something to an English speaking audience).
    I'm not so sure Sony would be thrilled about their VAIO being associated with this sort of business, even though it just looks like a piece of clip-art/pre-formatted template.

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