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    I am not sure if many of you have been getting this same spam. But I've been getting spam about sexual topics and the email is just an image with words written on it. Sometimes the email has words too such as what is written below.
    Doees Using sexual Body Langauge to Attract Women Really Works? www. med72. com. Chicago Bulls' Masecot Sued For Baad High-Five
    I was wondering if you know of a way to block those emails.


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    I get emails with just links, random stuff. It will be a name like "Jeniffer Watson" and then inside it's

    That stuff gets on my nerves

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    There are several options to fight image spam.

    One the one hand, there are SpamAssasin rules, but they bear a high probability for false positives, since they do not actually analyze the images.

    Then, there are signatures which can be used by clamav, this is a good option for systems with limited resources, since the actual tests to determine whether or not an image attachment is spammy is done on someones else's hardware. The disadvantage of this approach is that you may only catch image spam once a signature has been provided and you relay on outside information.

    Finally, there is FuzzyOCR (OCRText for an alternative) which extend SpamAssassin by OCR capabilities, allowing it to scan for spammy terms and spamvertized URLs inside these images.
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    I'm using the following algorithm which gives me 99.99999999% successful results :

    if ( picture_is_attached_to_message  &&  picture_is_displayed_in_HTML_part ) {

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    That's basically what the SpamAssassin rule I pointed to does. And while this may work fine for a single persons' email, I deem it unsuitable for an MDA which serves multiple users.

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    How are you configuring these Spam Assassin Rules? I am not seeing these options via cPanel.

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    I didn't state that I'm using CPanel. In fact, I don't.

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