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    I need pictures panning, moving

    I saw a site with that effect and I need that effect, so that I only need to upload images and the panning or moving effect take place

    the site which gallery has that effect is an adult site so I cant post the url

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    Do you mean that the script scrolls through the images automatically? OR you can select an image which appears within the window and you can subsequently scroll through the enlarged images?


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    Are you asking about the animation ??? if yes than I can help you in that??
    The images are you talking about are in what?? cartoonish type or real picture??


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    This could be easily done in either JavaScript or Flash.

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    luespi haven't got an answer from you. But if you are animating cartoonist things then you can use Fireworks even but if you are professional animating things even real or cartoonist you can do that in FLASH! But you need to get familiar with flash a lot! Go visit youtube tutorials!
    Hope this helps!

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