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    Designers for Hire $35 /hour "Logos, Websites and more!"

    Hire us at $35 / hour to help build your website, logo, banner or full service project!

    Website Updates and Maintenance
    Custom Websites

    Combined expirence of over 15 years.

    PHP, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Java, XHTML, CSS,

    Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator

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    Do you do turn psd logos to vector? so it doesn't get pixelated when you resize

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    We can turn PSD logos to vector for you. Once you create the logos with us we can use the source files to turn the image into a vector one for you.

    We currently have a promo going on to get your logos done for only $50 with all the source files provided.

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    We apologize for no response. We have been wrapped up with severe issues on our end. This offer is currently closed and we apologize for an inconvenience.

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