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    Cloud Storage in Los Angeles

    Hello, we are looking for a Cloud Storage solution similar to those provided in Texas by Softlayer and in SFO by GoGrid, however it has to be located in Los Angeles or the surrounding area.

    Basically we need unlimited networked storage for a low price per GB. We will be using at least 5 terabytes to start. Softlayer and GoGrid are both offering it for 15 cents or less per GB.

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    Not sure if this is close enough, but you might want to check out Nirvanix, which is headquartered in San Diego and I believe has one of their 5 datacenters there. Pricing is comparable to Amazon S3 for a single location, and goes up from there depending on how many locations you replicate to.

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    Also, I believe VPS.Nets cloud is located out of Utah which is a hop-skip and a jump away.

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