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    Adding comments to my web pages

    Hi all,

    I'm interested in adding a section to the bottom of a bunch of my web pages so that visitors can add comments. Is there a way to do this? I apologize for my ignorance here, but I've searched and I can't even find any software that does this, unless I transform my entire website, ala drupal or wordpress. Any help here is appreciated.


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    Do you have any experience programming with PHP and MySQL?
    You could program the script yourself to allow comments to be added to each page.

    Alternatively, there are hundreds of content management systems available which may be suitable:

    I have experience setting up Word Press, and this allows the functionality (as well as much more) but have not fully explored all that it has to offer.

    There have been various threads on this forum with the pros and cons of Word Press and Joomla which may be of interest to you. Just search for either topic.

    Hope this helps


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    35 might have some.

    You are going to have knowledge in PHP/MySQL to complete this task, or hire someone to do it for you.

    No matter what, in the end, your going to have to do a good amount of work to your site. This is just apart of expansion.

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    Thanks for the help guys. I'd originslly thought of Drupal or Wordpress, but as my site is Adsense driven, I was turned away by the fact that I can't put my ad units where I want them.

    Article Manager seems interesting, seeing how Tim Carter at AskTheBuilder uses that script for his site. But at least I've been pointed in the right direction.

    Thanks for the assist!


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