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    Could the source of this be from the Hosting provider?


    recently the employee in my company have recieved this email message when they try to send email to outside our domain
    to @ourdomain ok
    to @anotherdomain error
    this is the error message

    This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
    recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

    [email protected]
    Domain ##### has exceeded the max emails per hour (200) allowed. Message discarded.

    i called the host provider and they told me it's a policy in their system to only allow 200 email per hour.

    the problem is that:
    1- i tried during 24h to send any email to any domain that is not for us
    for example gmail but i keep getting this message all the time

    2- i'm able to send emails to my domain only.
    3- some times this doesn't happened or stop happening for 1 or 2 hours during the day but it came back to happen again.

    the ISP gave me a SMTP server address which told me that it doesn't have a limitiation on the number of emails to be sent but i'm afraid this will treat our email addresses as a spam in some servers

    could this be happended by a spam software?
    could a spam software steal a user email account info and use it to send emails?
    could this be a problem from the host provider it self?
    what is your suggestion on this??

    thank you

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    Have you a forum or any software running that it may be sending notifications to the members using it?
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    Yea it seems like your site or someone accessing your site is sending mass emails out, thus reaching your max 200 emails an hour, id talk to them if you arent doing this and get it checked into might be someone using an unsecure part of your site to access mail server and send out spam etc. - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    there is a part in the website where the user can contact us from.
    i asked the employees to change thier emails password so in case some emails have been used to send spams it should stop.

    so you think it's not the host problem or they are not the source of this?
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    Do you have a website on said domain name?

    Also isn't 200 emails a day a bit of a low max?

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    yes i have a website
    it's 200 emails per hour

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    That's a pretty low hourly limit, even for a shared host.
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    i know, but my problem is that it was ok for our company untill 2 days ago where this strange behavior starts poping up.
    i'm sure 200 is ok for our company.
    this thing is a spam or a bug in the hosting provider systems and that's what i'm trying to figure.

    right now i will review the contact form code, maybe some one is using it to send something with the headers.
    hope to find a solution soon.
    thank you guys and if something comes in your mind about this please write it for me
    thank you very much

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    * 200 per hour too low???

    If 200 per hour is too low, then you are probably sending spam, as a web host, if spam is sent by user A on a shared server then users B through Z will have their sent email blocked by other parties just because YOU share the same IP
    if you have a large mailing list, you can easily set your software to send email at the rate of 200 per hour and forget about it.
    There are also many bulk email options that are cheep or free.
    You can also ask your host if you pay for a dedicated IP if they will lift this restriction. Web Hosting and Domain Registration Dedicated servers - Miami, Florida, USA Domain name registration

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    (oops) And I think his problem is either a compromised website, or a compromised server. It does not sound like they are running mailing lists.

    EDIT: by bad just went up a reread it. 200 per hour is not too low, and if they say you are using that many, and you dont have anything really going on on your account, then something is wrong, and you need to ask your provider to help you figure out what is going on.
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    no i dont run a mailing list at all.
    i have just around 70 email account with small forwards in the same domain,
    i mean [email protected] will forward to [email protected] and [email protected]
    and it seems that i'm on a shared server becouse i have a normal host package, i dont have a dedicated server or dedicated ip.

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    Disable the form and see if the problem goes away. It would not be the first time where spammers are using malformed addresses to use your server as a relay.

    Forms are not a great idea anyways. Lots of people who would be happy to send you an email dislike using contact forms. Especially if you demand details other than a response address.
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    step by step...

    First, you know your limit 200 per hour.
    Now, how many email are you sending each hou that you know about?
    If this is 200+ you do not have a problem.
    If this is less than 200, then you do have a problem.
    Do you have access to LOGS with your hosting? Can you change passwords?
    If it is NOT you sending these emails, contact your host and ask them for help, as I said they have an interest in keeping the IP clean.
    I am pretty sure that anyone sending email through an unauthorized account, is probably sending spam!
    So contact your host and get your moneys worth! Web Hosting and Domain Registration Dedicated servers - Miami, Florida, USA Domain name registration

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    i have disabled completely the contact form for a couple of hours and still the problem exists

    also 200 email is too much for our company per hour
    and about logs, our host provider told me that they doesn't keep these kinds of logs so they couldn't determine which email account was the source of these spams.
    i checked the log of our router during these spam spreading but thre was no too many hosts using the port 25 so this means the source is not from me.
    when i check the statistics graphs in the cpanel it show me that smtp
    bandwidth is zero and all the bandwidth was from http
    the problem still happends and i really don't know how to control it

    to day it stoped for 2 or 3 hours then it came back

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    Get a new host...

    I do not think that anyone here that does web hosting would not agree, Get a new host.... Not because of this problem, but because of many future problems, as a web host YOU NEED LOGS and access to these logs to detect problems and find their source.... it sounds to me that this may be an account provided to you through a reseller that does not have these resources.
    back up your site to your hard drive, then ask for help from the host, if it does not come find another host and set your site up on that server.
    But let the new host know what the problem is and ask if it happens here will you help me sort it out? Web Hosting and Domain Registration Dedicated servers - Miami, Florida, USA Domain name registration

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    Just ask your provider to check exim_mainlog file to any logs regarding your domain and count mails sent. They will be able to do this, and you will now who (or what) is using your mails.

    Good luck!

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    If you have to explain to your host how to look into this issue I would advise that you find another host. Investigating an issue such as this is a very simple process and should be something your host knows how to do; if your host does not know how to do this then chances are email delivery will be difficult as they are likely unknowingly harboring spammers.

    I usually try to avoid telling people to switch hosts but this would seem like a very serious lack of server management skills that I personally feel are necessary to run a solid service.

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    I'm gonna go with Nexxterra on this one and guess they are a reseller and don't have access to the logs and don't want to bother going to who they're reselling through to get the info.
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    thank you guys for your responses

    let me explain the situation:

    my company is a part of a holding group company which you can say controls all of the communication and technology management of my country
    this ISP company is part of this holding group as is my company, our company is forced to use any thing related to isp, hosting and suc things from this comapny, so changing to another provider is not allowed at's like take it or leave it but you can't leave it becouse it's the only source. so i have to deal with this

    i'll try to tell them what you suggest me to do by cheking the exim_mainlog becouse i still have the problem untill this moment

    thank you v much

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