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    Acceptable shared hosting speed ?

    For those of you under shared hosting, whats the minimum download/upload speed you'd want to your website?

    I'm currently hitting 400-600kbytes/s from my two hosts, but I'm curious to know what sort of speeds to expect from "regular" shared hosting. Should I be contented or get more/less speeds ? Lets find out

    Let me start off,

    My location = UK
    Host location = US west, US East
    Speed = 400kbytes/s , 600kbytes/s

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    What kind of connection are you on? Other than that, the bottleneck is somewhat going to be to distance as well. Keeping all of that in mind, I would say that those are good speeds.

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    Those are from my 10mbit home connection, which consistently get 1.2mbytes/s to European servers. I'm pretty happy with the sort of speed I'm getting to my hosts, but I'm a curious cat as to what others are getting

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    Those would be considered decent speeds for shared hosting. If you're able to achieve those speeds constantly then you should be in good hands.

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    Yeah I agree, that's a good speed for a shared account

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    I guess from the UK you can get more than 2MBPS if your connection supports it.

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