Wafer Unmanaged VPSs


Now you get to test drive the VPS before you make any payments for 3 days!

You don't have to worry about refunds, money back guarantees, nonrefundable fees, deadlines, because you don't pay anything. This without any strings attached, if by the end of the 3 days you don't want your VPS, you can just stop using it, you don't need to give us any justification, though we appreciate the feedback. =)

Our plans are no longer a sales pitch with lots of buzzwords and overhyped features, we actually let you see them for yourself!

Please keep in mind though, these plans are unmanaged, so if you have the skills to administrate a VPS by yourself, great, otherwise you'll have to pay for management separately, we hear Platinum Server Management are very good.
We also don't provide control panels, so if you need one you'll need to ask your support provider, or you'll need to license it yourself. A good place to start, for cPanel licenses, is to look for distributors.

Just use the coupon 3D-FREE-VPS, it's case sensitive, and we'll set you up with a VPS in no time.


Key Features

- Core 2 Quad Xeon processors
As little as 5 clients per node
- 1066Mhz DDR2 RAM
- True hardware RAID
- 100mbit non-capped connection
- 240 gigabit network
- No setup fees
- No hidden costs
- No long term contracts



VPS 0.5
Dedicated RAM: 512MB
Burstable RAM: 1024MB
RAID Disk Space: 10GB
Bandwidth: 500GB
IP Address: 1
Price: 9.95

VPS 1.0
Dedicated RAM: 1024MB
Burstable RAM: 2048MB
RAID Disk Space: 20GB
Bandwidth: 1000GB
IP Address: 1
Price: 19.95

VPS 1.5
Dedicated RAM: 1536MB
Burstable RAM: 3072MB
RAID Disk Space: 30GB
Bandwidth: 1500GB
IP Address: 1
Price: 29.95

VPS 2.0
Dedicated RAM: 2048MB
Burstable RAM: 4096MB
RAID Disk Space: 40GB
Bandwidth: 2000GB
IP Address: 1
Price: 39.95


Available Operating Systems:

CentOS 4
CentOS 5
Debian 4.0
Debian 5.0
Fedora 9
Ubuntu Hardy



If you don't see what you like, drop us an email and we'll see what we can do for you.


Payment Methods:

- Visa
- Master Card
- Wire Transfer
- Moneybookers
(You don't need to register at Moneybookers)



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