{FOR HIRE} cPanel/whm OpenVZ , XEN , Hypervm/lxadmin Expert Linux Administrator


I am intrested to work with you as technical support for l1,l2 & l3.
I am a 3+ years experienced linux server administrator. I am now looking forward to get a reputable full time technical support position, or a part-time server setup and security expert position.

Contact Details:

Name - [email protected]
MSN - [email protected]

Timezone - IST (INDIA)
Position applying for - TSR, Support Requirements

Expertise and Skills:

* Well experienced with working for many leading data centers and webhosts.

* Well experienced in handling L1/L2/L3 level tech support, Security and Installation works.

* Expert in cPanel servers, Familiar with Plesk, Enzim and servers without control panels.

* Experienced with VPS(Virtuozzo), OPENVZ, HYPERVM,XEN Environment.

* Passionate about advanced linux IP firewalling and security.

* Excellent written communication skills.

* Excellent technical training skills.

* Excellent team building and leadership skills.

* Well experienced in leading offshore outsourced teams for webhosts/NOCs.

Marrell Sanders
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