Hi there,

I know there are many web hosts or programmers who make websites for their clients as well as host them. My name is Adam and I'm a web designer who doesn't charge much but still offers decent web design!

I'm looking for jobs to fill in my time between my regular b2b jobs, so if you need a web designer for redesign jobs, full sites or just graphics - I'm your man!

All my designs work in IE6,7,8, FF 1,2,3 Safari, Opera, Chrome and most other browsers made within the last 10 years.

I have MSN if you need it, otherwise PM please.

Hourly rates are 8/$15 or we can agree on a price per job.

Get in touch with me and I'll be happy to make your day.

I'm based in the UK so I have a phone line if you'd prefer to talk, you can catch me on 0844 351 1421 mon-fri 9 to 5, just no sales calls please!


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