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    Anyone knows to find remote DSL?

    Anyone knows to find remote DSL?
    it is like the but you have your own PC desktop with them without need somebody's PC. and you can change your IP running DSl.
    a friend of mine recommended this service but they are closed.
    Thank you

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    Your post is not very clear. Are you looking for a Dedicated Server in Remote Location? Or Are you just looking for a VPS?

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    i am looking for a service that i can be able to access my account in an another computer remotely via DSL. not the GOtoMyPC between friends or Office-Home computer. like : remotedsl .com but they are closed.

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    something like ?
    simplywww: directadmin and cpanel hosting that will rock your socks
    Need some work done in a datacenter in the NYC area? NYC Remote Hands can do it.

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    Or you could try

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    I have been using for a long time now - for private use. Runs nicely and normally no problems with connectivity.

    I am employeed in a business with around 3000 users internally and xxxxx customers... We are considering using it for remote support if it goes through out security review etc.

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    or do you mean something like Live Mesh - that provides you with a virtual desktop?

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    He is looking for a VPS/dedicated (remote desktop/Windows) with unlimited dynamic changing IPs (changable anytime) - that's what the site he linked to does, at least

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