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    A friend and I shared a hosting account for several years using an aussie host and the above mentioned domain registrar.

    This year we decided that I would take control of the domain (originally it had been under his liveregistry account)

    So he set me up my own account, moved the domain and emailed me the details.

    A few weeks later when the renewal came up, I logged in, entered my credit card details and paid for the domain. They also charged my friend as well via his credit card.

    To cut a long story short. Jeff has reclaimed the domain for himself!

    Jeff Peterson ([email protected])
    Fax: +44.0862101430
    PO BOX 3049
    Malaga DC, 6945

    And all the emails I send, via all form and email address I can find just bounce back.

    Their own support form on their site doesn't work, all of the email addresses I have ever received emails from don't work.

    I've contacted eNom. Any other suggestions?

    (Does anyone know if they are actually still running as a business?)


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    Who's details are in the WHOIS database, or should I say who's details were in the WHOIS database before this issue?

    If eNom was the domain name registrar they will assist you if your details were, at some point, listed in the domain names WHOIS. If your details were never listed they will not help you, you will have to get your friend to contact eNom regarding the issue. You may have to provide proof to eNom that both you and your friend paid for the domain. An invoice or credit card statement may be useful.

    As a VERY last resort you can contact ICANN, the organization the regulates the domain name registrar's. But try to sort out the issue with eNom first.
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    The current WHOIS details are those registered above.

    Yes both my name and that of my friend have been listed in the WHOIS in the past.

    Yes I also have proof that we have paid for the domain (twice) this year. The invoice I received when I paid for the domain on my account and also the invoice that my friend received for a transaction on his card.

    Thank you, I'll wait to hear from eNom first.

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    Not looking overly promising so far.

    eNom have said they cannot see my name or my friends in the WHOIS info.

    They must be able to see previous WHOIS data?

    As it is all under some Jeff's name now.

    I'm holding off issuing a charge back through my credit card company but it looks like it is going to be the only way (to get my money back at least).

    It was nice having the domain for 7 years, just highly annoying as it is my personal email domain.

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    "We do not track historical data on the whois. Please have the registrant who is listed on the whois to contact us directly or contact your reseller."

    Looks like I might have to use ICANN.

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    Did you specifically state to eNom that you believe the reseller has "hijacked" the domain name after you made payment?

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    I have just done so.

    I've also gone to ICANN, submitted a report to get eNom to correct the contact address in WHOIS for my domain as Jeff has replaced it with an invalid email address.

    eNom will realise themselves how difficult it is to get into contact with them.
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    I think eNom may look into it further now that you told them you believe it was the reseller who "hijacked" the domain.

    Good luck!

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    "We can only assist who is listed on the who is as the registrant"

    eNom won't help. I'm running out of ideas.

    Little bit unfair when LiveRegistry can change the WHOIS details of any domain they control whenever they want.

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    I managed to get hold of someone from another division of LiveReigstry/Myacen/Telewest/Solidinternet.

    They promised they would pass a message onto Jeff (who wasn't around) and he would get into contact with me.

    Not going to hold my breath. My friend hasn't heard anything in a month, not a peep.

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    "Thank you for your report. We're sorry that you have experienced trouble with your domain registration. We have sent your problem report to ICANN, which will forward it to your registrar. We hope you will be able to resolve the matter to your satisfaction."

    They have had their chance. Thanks for the help so far InstantPH, I'll keep you informed.

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    Well my nameservers have been reset :-)

    Not sure by whom, don't have control yet though.

    Nor have I heard anything from anyone.

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    enom is not great when it comes to helping with such scenario's but again i dont know anyone else who is helpful either in such situations....
    Good luck, I am sure you will get the domain back if you persist.. Its 7 year old valuable real estate so keep trying.

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