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    Question How to deal with unexpected spikes from social media on a VPS server

    What do you do if you go beyond your alloted ram usage due to spikes in traffic from social media.
    do you buy additional ram for that month??

    This is what one of the hosting company suggested, but Traffic from social media is rare and unpredictable.I can not afford to pay for something which i will be using rarely.
    We have clients who do time to time hit digg but the way they handle it is they proactively will just add RAM when the changes of Digg are higher. Then they simple remove the RAM the following billing term. We sell RAM, Disk Space, etc a la carte which makes it easy to customize the server temporarily or permanently.

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    Optimize your Apache and MySQL and try to serve as much as possible from cache. Offloading css, js, and static image files to a content delivery network will also reduce the amount of hits to your website.
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    If you've been a nice customer, I don't think your provider would object to increasing your resources for a day or two, maybe even for a small fee, if you tell them in advance the day you might be having that usage spike.

    Ask them.
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    Adding temporary/permanent resources or upgrading plan is a good idea; however, optimizing the services is equally important. Also consider using opcode php caching etc.

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