My name is Sreenath Vijayan . I am located in INDIA.
I've been working with Linux for a good 5 years now,
doing everything from setting it up for home
installations to configuring and compiling various
applications to programming.

Contact Details

Name : Sreenath V
Mobile number : +919847514768
Email : [email protected]

My expertise is in Shell Scripting, System Admin works and Search
Engine Optimisation.

I've worked with numerous datacenters over the past 5
years. In the past 5 years , I have worked for and with
various companies to solve problems such as:

-- Server load too high
-- Services (apache, dns, exim, databases like mysql and postgress)
not responsive or not
starting up properly
-- Network problems (ip routing, etc)
-- Server recovery (servers hacked, etc)
-- Server moves (moving from one DC to another, etc)
-- and many many more
I am having experience in the following areas

* Linux OS and applications (apache, PHP, MySQL, IPtables, etc)
* Security applications (APF, BFD,AIDE,kernel with grsecurity patch etc)
* cPanel, Plesk, webmin and DirectAdmin
* Virtuozzo and VPS Linux

Please, feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.
My mail id is vsreenath664 [@] gmail.com