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Thread: boxvps?

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    Anyone know what is up with boxvps? Unable to get to my VPS and their website.

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    Our site is up, just one vps node is down. We are working on it(the server will not power on, we have already replaced the power supply and are working on a solution.

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    I can now reach

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    The node is still down, we are swapping the drives into a new chassis now, backup mounts are on standby.

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    Thank you for the update!

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    Ok, the new server boots at the bench. OS loads on it and sees the NICs. Going to get it put back in the rack. Sorry for the delay.

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    The OS did run a quick fsck when I booted it but that completed. I should have it up shortly.. I'm having to work with the transaction that adjusts the network config some. Sorry.

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    Node, is back online, no data loss.

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