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    cPanel DNSOnly questions

    Hi there,

    I have a few cPanel DNSOnly (for those doing searches: DNS Only DNS-Only), which I need cleared up.

    I currently have the following: -- registered nameserver with assigned IP address ( -- registered nameserver with assigned IP address (

    15 machines named:

    I installed dnsnonly on, where the IPs and are up and running.

    I then followed the guide at: (can't seem to add a link, since I don't have 5 or more posts)

    Good news here is that zones are syncing without a problem. Bad news is, that something isn't working as expected.

    For example, when I disable BIND and NSD on and in /etc/resolv.conf add and as nameservers, the machine just can't resolve anything:

    dig +trace

    ; <<>> DiG 9.3.4-P1 <<>> +trace
    ;; global options: printcmd
    . 331490 IN NS M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS C.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS E.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS G.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS I.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS J.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS K.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    . 331490 IN NS L.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    ;; Received 500 bytes from in 0 ms

    com. 172800 IN NS E.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS K.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS I.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS F.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS L.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS A.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS G.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS J.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS D.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS M.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS H.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS C.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    com. 172800 IN NS B.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
    ;; Received 496 bytes from in 128 ms

    dig: couldn't get address for 'E.GTLD-SERVERS.NET': failure

    I can telnet on port 53 for both IPs though, which means, that bind is working. When I'm logged in SSH on the (which uses the same resolv.conf) i can resolve hostnames without a problem though.

    Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    Also, when configuring clustering, should I add the IPs for ns1 and ns2 on all servXX machines or should it be the other way around -- add the IPs for all machines on ns1 and ns2? Or is it the same?

    Alternatively, if you have a guide on how to set this up correctly, I'll be happy to start over.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Your nameservers aren't doing recursion (and they shouldn't). You should be using your datacenters resolvers for the nameservers on your individual machines and bind on your cluster for *only* authoritative domains.

    Essentially, if it's not a zone in the named configuration, your machine shouldn't answer for it.

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