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    Graphic/Web design tutorial blog for sale

    Regretfully i must sell a project of mine that has been running for around 2 months now. The reason for this sale is due to a lack of time and other commitments.

    Tutorial Tab is a blog based around Graphic design, web design and web development with an aim towards tutorials.
    I have owned this website since i began it and upon sale you will have full ownership of it.


    - Average daily page views: 500+ (although it hits around 2000+ if i list a new tutorial and submit it to websites such as

    - Average monthly income: I haven't used Adsense all that much on the blog although i used it for around half a month and received $52 (proof later in the post) That is a good amount for half a months earnings considering the time it had been opened (during the first month of opening)

    - Hosting cost: $8.99 a month

    - Average bandwidth usage per month: 6GB

    - Space in use: 125mb

    - Current alexa ranking: 530,502 (please keep in mind it has had better rankings but due to my lack of time lately it has dropped)

    - Page rank: 2

    - Google indexed, Yahoo Indexed, Bing Indexed etc, and Adsense verified

    - Over 18000 backlinks (mostly related websites)

    - Currently receives a lot of direct traffic

    - Domain with Namecheap


    Google Analytics:

    Google Adsense:

    According to appraisal websites and auto estimate websites such as Dnscoop the total worth currently is $2600 based on the amount of back links, traffic, age etc.

    My selling price:
    $500 USD

    Payment method:

    This website does have a huge earning potential with advertisements and the inclusion of a membership system where a monthly price is payed can also work.
    This website also fits into the category requires to use Buysellads which can generate a lot of extra cash.

    Transfer of domain will be free.
    Please reply to this thread if interested.
    Serious replies only.

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    Price now only $300.
    All files are ready for transfer to the buyer.

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    Is this site still for sales please PM me if it still is Thanks

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    Same I am also curious to know.


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    $200 paid right now!

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