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    Newbie question

    I just installed WAMPP on Windows Vista 32 machine. I am using Firefox. When I try the localhost, I receive a 404 error. I have no idea what else to check the UAC is off, port 80 is free, I am running Avast as my anti-virus. I am a complete newbie to PHP, Apache, & MySql. I am trying to learn so I can run some PHP scripts for my website. Any help would be appreciated. If there is a forum for noobs, please let me know. I'd hate to waste your time with basic questions. Thank you.

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    404 Means that there is no document found in the directory your werbserver is looking at. You should verify what your documentroot is and then make sure you have your content there.

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    Even though you mentioned that port 80 is free, just check the service listening on port 80 >> netstat -ano | find "80"

    If you are sure that IIS is disabled, then check if you have uploaded the files in the correct DocumentRoot.

    Check WAMP logs or conf to see where it is looking for the files.

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    Thank you for your replies. However, I have no idea where to check for documentroot, where to see the service listening on port 80 or to see if IIS is disabled. As I said, I am completely new to this.

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    ** In order to check whether your server is listening on Port 80, Do start > Run > telnet localhost 80 and find the response

    ** If you are getting 404 page not found, it means no file or the referencing file extension (php) or not added in web service extension. Check whether you are able to pull out any simple html file on it.

    ** Right click the site and explore(open) it and check whether you are having those files.
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    I did a bit of looking around and it looks like you're going to want to make sure your web content is in <drive you installed wamp to>:wampp2/apache/domains/
    or something very similar to that.

    You'll just need to read your documentation or poke around a bit.

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    if you are getting a 404, obviously port 80 is talking. can't get a 404 page is 80 is not answering

    Under your apache config, look for

    DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm index.php

    either make the index page one of these, or add what you want to the line (ie, default.html)

    Documentroot "C:\document\root\path"
    will point to the top of your document root directory, where Apache will try to server from if no further <virtualhost> is defined.

    put an index.html, index.htm or index.php, you should then see it.

    If you have a specific
    defined, you can set this per virtualhost with a
    DirectoryIndex statement in that virtualhost.
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    I figured out that it was IIS that I had to disable in order to get it to work. Now, I up and running. Many thanks to all of you.

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    ahh two webservers together, hmmm that was a good find
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