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    Marketing techniques for control panels

    I have a question for those who own and sell their own control panel software. How did you guys first market your software to get it known?

    After you got your software "known" do you rely mostly on word of mouth for continuous sales or are there software directories out there that help you out?

    Just curious.

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    Try offering the control panel to some dedicated/unmanaged datacenters. It may help getting your software out there. Try listing on some directories, and also submit a press release to the web hosting review (

    Good luck!
    Kaumil P.

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    1 Month after NeoPanel is released we plan to run an ad in HostingTech. We have our plan written out and I can't tell you everything but the main thing is this:

    We plan to build up a name with large advertising (Big Bucks) Then small advertising and word of mouth should keep everything going smooth.


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    if its good enough, it will spread itself... its not like there are 100's of cps out there, so you have a good shot if you have a good product.
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