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    Help With Dedicated Server Transfer Issues

    Hi Guys:

    I need help!

    Recently, I changed servers. It's been three days since we swapped DNS, and I have a slew of people that still can't access anything.

    The thing is, the old server should have been set up to forward everyone to the new server, and it wasn't initially. This was done by the admin company by changing the "localhost" setting on the old config file for the mysql database to the new server's IP address.

    So, I have people, a LOT of people, who have been unable to reach anything for the last three days. Neither old server nor new server. Nothing, zip, nada.

    Yesterday, the admin company said that they had found something wrong with port 80, and had changed the settings, and we began to see some traffic, FINALLY. I though maybe we were fixed, but this morning, I still have a crapload of emails from people who can't reach anything.

    This was a cPanel to cPanel swap, in the same datacenter, on the same vlan.

    We're working on Day 4 here, and everyone seems to be guessing, and In get the sense that if I don't stay proactive, nothing will be resolved.

    Thing is, I know just enough about this stuff to be dangerous, which is why I pay professional server admins.

    They ain't handling it though!

    Can someone help please? If I have to drive this stagecoach I need some directions on what to look for. Right now, I'm lost.

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    Sounds like a DNS issue, are you using custom nameservers or your provider nameservers? when you say swapped DNS, do you mean you updated your nameservers or just changed your A record to the new server IP?

    You need to provide more details of your DNS setup or your domain name so we can give the help you need.

    You can also run a DNS report here
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    a reputable server management admin should know how to properly transfer cpanel sites to another cpanel site, anyhow can you access your site using your IP? if your site is hosted on shared ip you can try accessing http://ipaddress/~siteusername

    also ask your visitors to do a tracert to your new ip

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    Setup a DNS cluster and get your DNS records syncing between the two

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