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    Dedicated Hosting Panel

    Please advice me what the best clients management and billing panel for dedicated hosting company.

    ubersmith DE is very powerful but has 'fantastic' installation fees =(

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    Have you looked at WHMCS? It's not just for virtual hosting.

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    Yes, WHMCS is the good and most popular billing panel.
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    WHMCS really rocks for Billing/Client Management. For Helpdesk Kayako is good with rapidly developed applications.
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    WHMcs is by far the best for billing and client management. I feel you could operate most of your company using WHMcs. They have a solid ticket system feature that can be used for billing, tech support or anything else. If you want to keep WHMcs just for billing and have another application for tech support / help desk Kayako would be your best choice. Best of luck to you!
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    We use WHMCS also, it's a fantastic piece of software and it's VERY cheap for what it does in my opinion!

    We get out licence from licencepal - They did the integration on our website for it aswell which was very quick.

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