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    Advertising via e-mail

    I have a free service where users subscribe to a newsletter. I would like to include a small text advertisement at the bottom of the newsletter, similar to what MS Live Mail does.

    I'm wondering if there is a slick way to do this out there with PHP. It's easy for things like AdSense because you just link to the JavaScript, but I need the ability to read a random ad feed and then display the title and URL, like so:

    Sign up for your free home makeover!
    In summary, is there an AdSense-type service for e-mail?
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    I think you may have answered own question - you can have custom server-side insertion code (like AdSense written for you), which you can then just add as a jscript code into your mail - using PHP and random generator to select the advert to be inserted.

    A good place for ideas -

    Hope that helps ...
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    Um, I don't think many mail clients are going to like you including javascript in your emails.

    I imagine the best way would be to append your text to each email as it exits the mail server...but this isn't my area, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

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