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    * Advice needed - PHP process in shell keeps getting killed

    Hi guys,
    I'm not a novice but this thing is really making me feel like one

    My dedicated machine (Quad core, 8gb ram running Debian stable latest + Apache2) is giving me a real hard time.

    I got a long running php script (a crawler) that takes long to run and keep getting killed.

    The code already have max_execution_time set to -1 (also tried 90000) and max_input_time + max_memory set to -1 (meaning no limit).

    I run it in shell with nice set to 19 (!) to ensure the OS don't kill it:
    >> nice --adjust=19 /usr/bin/php -f crawl.php

    And always, at the same time (after 10 mins or so) it get "Killed".

    I can't trim down the code as the crawl is dynamic (from link to link).

    Any idea/tips/advice on how I can save the php from getting "killed"?

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    Do you have PRM installed on this server? If you do, then you'll need to exclude the process in the config files.
    John Slane | Systems Administrator

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    Thanks John but I have no PRM installed (unless it's a debian built in thing?).

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    Try this line at the start of your script:
    Other than this, are you logging out of your terminal after executing this command? In case you are, use the nohup and & to get this command running in background mode.
    Redirect the output of your script to a log file to see if any errors crop up during the running of the script.

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    I found out that the crawler was killed by the kernel as the cpu was peaking after a while (quad core) so what I did is I broke it down to a tiny crawler and I'm calling it via a shell loop over and over. Silly but seems to do the trick :-)

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