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    I need help choosing a vps

    I need a vps to run at least 5 proxies but probably more. I need less then 2gb of diskspace but at least 150gb of bandwidth, i would like about 300 though.

    The more ram the better but for now, i need about 256 minimum but i would like 512.

    I don't need a managed vps but I would like a company that would still answer support tickets.

    I would like to spend no more then $10/month if possible.

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    For 512mb of dedicated ram you may have to raise your budget a little bit. I am sure you can find a decent unmanaged server with 512mb of ram for around $15-$20. Do you need a control panel?

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    You will need to raise your budget significantly. If you get any host within your budget then make sure to confirm about Proxies because there are many hosting providers who do not support any type of proxies. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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    There's plenty of budget providers that offer 512MB un-managed VPS. Just take a look in the offer section.
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    I am going to look into photon

    i will let you know
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