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    Thumbs down IgSobe 1 Month Review

    I can say only one thing: Unstable and total loss of time and money

    After all delivery problems that you can see here :

    I finally get my server, it worked very good for 2 weeks after it the server falls on the IP conflict hell...
    Simple they assign the same IP to various clients or clients keep using others IP range.
    First time my server was down for about 1 day ~, after it was "spikes" on same ip utilization. Now the server is down for about 5 days now!
    Now John just do not reply my mails.

    I lost my dedi client, since im reselling the server.

    You need 100 clients to make a good reputation and just one to ruin your business =/

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    I'd be happy to address your concerns, but let's start at the first comment -

    I was under the impression we had already given you a refund and were providing free service to you at this point?

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    Hi john, why you dont reply my mails? Now the server is down for several days and you dont even reply mails.
    I was very interested in stay on igsobe, but im giving the true review, server is good, connection is good too, but the problem is that IP conflict that affect the server.
    I never see this problem in other provider, you give me one ip range and this ip range is used by other clients! After it someone started using the same ip of my server!

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